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+1 (772) 567-9200 • MADE IN THE USA
+1 (772) 567-9200 • MADE IN THE USA

Novurania Launch Series


NOVURANIA’s LAUNCH Series is designed for yachts requiring the high performance of a RIB with the added safety feature of a Diesel JET engine package. We call NOVURANIA LAUNCH our tender series that “wears many hats”,  as it can take the owner from ship to shore, dry and comfortably, while, at the same time serving the requirements of a true working tender. The center console allows for boarding port or starboard. The fiberglass non-skid steps on the tubes (with removable stainless boarding rail port or starboard) offer safety and comfort at entry. Self Bailing decks, integrated swim platforms, storage lockers, excellent access to all machinery, combined with an excellent offshore performance hull design, make NOVURANIA LAUNCH the #1 choice for super yachts worldwide.

Available in a 6 meter – 6.5 meter – 7.0 meter or 7.5 meter length

Engine package – Yanmar 260 Diesel Jet coupled to Alamarin 245 jet package.

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