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MADE IN THE U.S.A. • Phone: +1 772 567-9200
MADE IN THE U.S.A. • Phone: +1 772 567-9200

Novurania Pricing

Why Don’t You Offer ‘Base Pricing’ on The Website?

Every Novurania Luxury Line model is built a la carte as a one-off build. Every single order is 100% custom, and quoted to order, for each individual client. We neither stock boats like other boat manufacturers may, nor do we have an assembly line. There is no “base” price available on Novurania tenders because there is no “base” or “stock” model in our luxury line of yacht tenders.

Each vessel is built to specific customer needs and your vessel will be different than any other built before it. Your specs will determine your basic quote before customization options and option packages are offered. Your vessel’s construction is started with a hand-laid fiberglass hull and component fabrication. The deck and console are also hand-fabricated to spec with each fiberglass component perfectly matched in color using the same materials at the same time. This process allows us to ensure that there is never even a slight variation in color from one fiberglass component to another. Tubes, collars, and wiring harnesses are also created here in our factory. We design, manufacture, and assemble your entire Novurania Luxury Yacht Tender in-house. In addition, 316 S.S is used throughout the vessel to ensure quality that is comparable with the mothership. There is never any plywood, aluminum decking, or other inferior quality material used to manufacture Novurania luxury yacht tenders. We use only the highest quality materials in every step of your build. While other companies may have outsourced portions of the build process, Novurania maintains control of every aspect of your build from the first layer of gel coat  sprayed into your mold to your final boat detail and shrinkwrap. Nothing is left to chance.

It is also this process that allows us to customize your Novurania Luxury Yacht Tender to your needs and desires. Some of our clients may require steps and rails specially engineered  for accessibility by physically challenged guests. Other clients may need modifications for garage clearance, entertainment & recreational use, or aesthetics. We can custom fabricate nearly everything. Just ask and we will incorporate your needs into the build.

A Novurania Luxury Yacht Tender is not just another ‘yacht tender’. Luxury is a personal and unique experience earned by those that deserve the best in quality.

Getting Started:
The first thing to determine when choosing your Novurania is the length needed and your engine option. We can then make available to you the line drawings (if dimensions are needed for deck space or garage room). Next, you decide on a deck layout (center console/side console/etc.), and then with that information, we can give you a basic quote; and present you with standalone options, option packages, and pricing.

Once you or your client have gone that far, send in your needs/requirements, and we will present you with a formal pro forma quote.

NOTE: If you are working on behalf of a client, we ask that you register the name of the yacht before we provide line drawings or a quote. This registration is necessary because we have many clients that request pricing from multiple sources. This requirement prevents our engineers from needlessly providing duplicate line drawings for the same project.

If there is any information you need to start this process that is not located on the website, please feel free to contact us.

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